Rollover tickets from $4.00 winnings


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$5.00 entry for the Tennis Circle Powerball Lottery Pool
• - $4.00 for 2 powerball quick picks
• - Fifty cents for Paypal fees
• - Fifty cents for website and Meetup maintenance (Hence the Donation Button) Because I am collecting a small fee (50 cents per entry) You understand that only that small fee is considered the donation. and being taxable income, it's really not even that...
• - Any winnings roll over to next highest Jackpot. Unless it's worth paying out. A payout will mean; a winning that distributes out individually to over your $5.00 buy in...
• - Everyone has an equal share in the winnings of this pool after any lawyer/Accountant fees to distribute the money.


Pool Participates

1. Jon Stewart

2. Linda Rennie

3. Felicia Lekan-Salami

4. Chikoma Kazunga

5. David Branch

6. Diego Huertas

7. Tarek Temraz

8. James Lavine

9. Rich Dao

10. Steven Klink

11. Jeff Cooper

12. Emenjo Obinwa

13. Jeffrey C.

14. Ali R. Koymen

15. Arthur R. Perkins

16. Guy Stewart


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