The Darwin Challenge: It all started at an after tennis get together at "On The Border".


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Darwin challenged Brandon and Rich to play a singles match, because they seemed evenly matched, and he would actually give the winner $20.00.

Several people offered to be lines judges, and I would film it. The match was set for Sunday April 2nd. You can see that match here.




Set 1

Brandon vs Rich Set 1



Set 2

Brandon vs Rich Set 2




After the match, rather than keep the cash, the winner passed it on to another challenge. And Steven Klink played Darwin Harrell the next day... Now that challenge has passed on to Bergen and Israel.





Here are some photos from some of the matches...

The Darwin Challenge part 2


The Darwin Challenge part 02




bergy group



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John Nguyen -vs- James Thomas


Click here for ---> Youtube Link ---> Straight from Camera footage



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 Darwin Harrell -vs- Brandon Williams


This is a consolation match, not really a Darwin Challenge match. Darwin was spotted 3 games per set as Brandon is higher ranked. I Darwin Challenge matchs,

there are no handicapps.

Link to unedited match here... Battery died before match over...




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