The service is a fault if:

a. The server breaks rules 16, 17 or 18; or
b. The server misses the ball when trying to hit it; or
c. The ball served touches a permanent fixture, singles stick or net post before it hits the ground; or
d. The ball served touches the server or server’s partner, or anything the server or server’s partner is wearing or carrying.


Case 1: After tossing a ball to serve, the server decides not to hit it and catches it instead. Is this a fault?
Decision: No. A player, who tosses the ball and then decides not to hit it, is allowed to catch the ball with the hand or the racket, or to let the ball bounce.

Case 2: During a singles match played on a court with net posts and singles sticks, the ball served hits a singles stick and then hits the correct service court. Is this a fault?
Decision: Yes.