The jackpot is at $403 Million (14th Place)
If you want in our pool, then please do so by 6:00pm Wednesday.
I'll cut it off and have all the tickets posted by 7:30pm
Seriously, their system might crash... So get in early...

$5.00 entry for the Tennis Circle Powerball Lottery Pool.

  • •  $4.00 for 2 powerball quick picks
  • •  Fifty cents for Paypal fees
  • •  Fifty cents for website and Meetup maintenance (Hence the Donation Button) Because I am collecting a small fee (50 cents per entry)   You understand only that small fee is a donation.
  • •  Any winnings roll over to next highest Jackpot. Unless it's worth paying out. A payout will mean; a winning that distributes out individually to over your $5.00 pay in...

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Tennis Circle Lottery Pool #2 (February 22nd 2017)

Rollover Tickets. Only apply to 16 players in this first pool.

2017PB02 18 ROLLOVER 01

Tennis Circle Lottery Pool (February 18th 2017)

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The old in out

Nick Kyrgios takes aim at US president elect with anti-Donald Trump t-shirt

Fuck Donald 20170109 kyrg

Nick Kyrgios American T-Shirt